About us

Who we are

How can we close the gaps in molecular medicine today, to open up more treatment possibilities for patients tomorrow?

We create partnerships that have the potential to bring personalised healthcare in oncology to the next level.   To make this vision a reality, Roche has forged a unique partnership with Foundation Medicine. 

By combining Roche’s deep understanding of cancer biology with Foundation Medicine’s exceptional sequencing data and real-world genomic information, we aim to advance the science of molecular medicine in oncology to offer patients truly personalised healthcare.

Our vision

By providing deeper insights and understanding of cancer biology, tumour characterisation and molecular information, we can better support physicians in their decision-making so that they can deliver the most advanced patient care. 

In this way, our trusted clinical insights and value-added services can open up more treatment possibilities for patients. And in doing so, we provide more than just information—we can inspire hope in patients, families, friends, caregivers and physicians.

Our vision is to unlock the full potential of personalised healthcare for patients through the development of breakthrough medicines and leading diagnostics.