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Ordering FAQs

  • How can I order a Foundation MedIcine analysis?

    Foundation Medicine has a straightforward ordering process that is powered by a global team of experts who help to assess, advise and support. 


    Please visit the relevant order page to download the forms and get started today:


  • What type of specimen sample is needed for a Foundation Medicine assay?
      Biopsy type
    Specimen requirements
    Download detailed specimen requirements
    ≥40 μm tissue, of which a minimum of ≥30% of malignant origin is optimal,* on 8 to 10 unstained slides or in an FFPE block.13  Needle biopsy is also acceptable.13  FoundationOne® Specimen guidelines
    Peripheral whole blood Two 10 mL tubes of peripheral whole blood.54 FoundationACT® Specimen guidelines
    ≥80 μm tissue, of which a minimum of ≥30% of malignant origin is optimal,* on 16 unstained slides plus 1 H&E slide or in an FFPE block.†55
    FoundationOne®Heme Specimen guidelines

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    For liver specimens, a minimum of 40% of tumour nuclei is required. Since polyploidy is a common characteristic of hepatocytes, twice as many tumour cells would be needed to obtain enough tumour DNA for analysis.13,55

    FFPE: formalin-fixed paraffin embedded; H&E: haematoxylin and eosin.

  • How long does it take to get the results?

    FoundationOne® and FoundationACT® reports are issued 14 days after the Foundation Medicine, Inc. laboratory in Boston has received all necessary documentation and sample that meets requirements.5,6  The average turnaround time for FoundationOne®Heme is 21 days.7


    Please note that these time estimates do not include the time taken to retrieve and send the sample and all necessary documentation to Foundation Medicine, Inc.

  • How are the results delivered?

    Foundation Medicine results are provided in a report that is available via a link sent in a secure email and via Foundation Medicine Online.5-7


    Please contact your local customer services team to set up an account on Foundation Medicine Online.

  • How much do Foundation Medicine assays cost?

    For information on the cost of profiling with Foundation Medicine, please contact customer services.


    The cost of profiling with Foundation Medicine also includes shipping fees for both delivery and return of samples (upon request), as well as continued access to our customer services team. However, pathology labs may charge a fee for specimen preparation (e.g. slide cutting and handling fees).